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unusual scripts for extraordinary clients

E.R. Womelsduff [ ee ahr wah-mehlz-duhf ] NOUN // 1. A creative copywriter and screenwriter based in Seattle, WA 2. A narrative detective.

CTRL+V ? Please.

I don't do cut-and-paste marketing

When I work with you, I want to get to know you.

I ask a lot of questions. Kind of like a date, minus the awkward doorstep kiss. You can think of me as a narrative detective: I conduct interviews, scour your existing marketing materials, read customer reviews, and piece together who you are, clue by clue. I want to understand what sets your company, product, service, or art apart from everyone else in your field. I want to know why your customers choose you.

When I understand your story, I understand your company.

Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's lyrical, slapstick, shocking, or emotional, but it's always engaging. Why? Because if you didn't have something important to say, you wouldn't still be in business. 

When I deliver a story, I deliver experience.

I studied mythology and contemporary narrative fiction at Oxford University and earned a B.A. in English and a B.F.A. in Cinematic Arts from Azusa Pacific University. My work has been published in literary journals, I've presented papers on science fiction and fantasy at national conferences, my screenplays have won at national writing competitions, my short films have won at national film festivals, and my novels are in stores around the world. In other words, I tell stories for a living.

When I market something, it doesn't look like marketing.

I come from a narrative background. When I write copy, it isn’t going to sound like everyone else, because I’m not really here to write copy: I’m here to write your story. My ultimate goal is to make your customers understand you on a human level. 

Great marketing is most effective when it's invitational, when customers have a valid reason to come hear what you have to say. Combining my storytelling abilities with your product will create intrigued customers excited to hear more about you, and even more excited to share your story with their friends.

When I'm short, I'm sweet.

I am both educated and experienced in crafting narratives. If you want your story told, I want to be the one to tell it. Keep scrolling to see exactly what I have to offer.

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The Tier system reflects marketing categories common to most of my clients. If you're not sure what tier you need, that's not a problem. Take a look around then click any of the "I'm Interested" buttons to head to the client survey page.



Your basic informational script

▼ Common Elements: actor or spokesperson speaking to camera or providing narration, infographics, or text with statistics and factual product information, filmed on-location at company HQ or office



A narrative script inviting customers to experience your company 

▼ Common Elements: story-based, humorous or emotional, plays on audience expectations, often has clever "reveal" or twist, most likely to go viral



A long-form script entirely dependent on story.

▼ Common Types: multi-part story-based ads (ads that tell one story over several commercial breaks played in succession during a single TV episode), television pilots, and feature screenplays

E.R. Womelsduff | Services



This is your basic pitch document for a general audience

▼ Common Elements: short form (1-5 pages), text-based, utilizes facts and statics, simple images and graphics

▼ Intended Audience: broad customer base or new customers desiring the basic highlights of your service or product

▼ Common Types: online or print fliers, brochures, product overviews, basic project proposal



This is an advanced pitch document for a select audience

▼ Common Elements: medium length (1-10 pages), complex mix of text and images (often far more image heavy), comparable to magazine layout, graphic, often story-based and emotional

▼ Intended Audience: customers interested in a specific product, employee groups / project teams

▼ Common Types: music video treatment, in-depth product brochure, advanced project pitch


This is a long-form pitch document for a private audience

▼ Common Elements: text-heavy but supported with graphics or images, utilizes industry-specific or company-specific terms, phrases, and knowledge

▼ Intended Audience: employees / group project members

▼ Common Types: television show Bibles, season outlines, training manuals

E.R. Womelsduff | Services



For those who need a bit of guidance.

I deliver detailed feedback for scripts, treatments, pitches, and virtually any body of writing that needs the eyes of a good editor.




For those who need some help.

In addition to detailed feedback, I will also directly edit or revise your script, treatment, pitch, or project.




For those ready to throw in the towel.

I will overhaul a project, finding the core elements to help you rebuild your project from the ground-up.

E.R. Womelsduff | Services
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Check out the featured case study below to see how a project was built from the ground-up.

Book Trailers for Velvet  by Temple West

video logistics

CLIENT   Author

FORMAT   Book Trailer

LENGTH   Under 1 minute each

PROCESS    Consultation → Treatment → Script → Production → Post-Production → Launch

PROJECT SCOPE   Each video is a slice of a scene taken directly from Temple West's novel Velvet.  While many book trailers are several minutes in length and feature voice-overs, text scrawls with quotations from the book, or even still images with zoom effects, Temple wanted the trailers to feel as cinematic as possible, and to make her viewers hungry for more information.

PURPOSE   Each video will ask a question that begs to be answered...

CUSTOMER CALL TO ACTION   ...making viewers want to purchase the book to find out more. The end of the videos also contain the novel cover, release date, and author's website so that the viewer will have all the information they need to make a purchase.

LAUNCH   The client released one video a week prior to her book's release to drum up excitement and awareness. Her publisher also re-posted the videos on their social media outlets, and the trailers were shared with book bloggers as well, who posted the links on their blogs and social networks.

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people are the best. much better than robots.

A few incredibly kind words from the fantastic men and women I've worked with (quotations taken from LinkedIn).

"Emily is a prolific writer with great instincts, a strong work ethic, and the ability to crank out a lot of material very quickly.  She doesn't have any ego and loves feedback.  I love her dialogue and the sense of awe and adventure she brings to a story.  She is someone I always like to have on a team."


producer / professor of cinematic arts, pepperdine university


"E.R. writes like no other. She is super creative and extremely helpful working with client budgets. Highly recommend Emily."


director / producer, integrity media corp.


"She has outstanding organizational skills and is able to provide favorable results despite deadline pressure. Emily is one of the best writers that I have had the pleasure of working with."


resource coordinator, method studios


"I always look forward to collaborating with her because she exemplifies a team player. She works hard but does not hold onto things sentimentally; the final outcome is most important."

ty tuin

independent filmmaker


"I was always impressed with her facility at deftly straddling the line between poet/artisan and proficient technician. She would most certainly be an asset to any team of which she is a member."

trip gould

media professional - interactive design specialist  - eLearning content creator


"Emily is an amazing creative professional who strives for excellence and originality in her work. I cannot overstate her creative energy and professional drive."

robert rognlien

media arts coordinator, EF los angeles


"She is an insightful and courageous writer, an indefatigable worker, and a diligent problem-solver."

David esselstrom

chair of English department, azusa pacific university

"Womelsduff is a joy to work with in every aspect. From brainstorming creative ideas to putting in the work during production, to fine-tuning every detail in post, she is able to perfect every area within her projects. I've worked with her multiple times, and would do it again in a heartbeat. She is the embodiment of creativity blended with determination, and it is refreshing to work with that kind of passion in any context."


brand ambassador, Hooch

"E.R. Womelsduff's short story GHOST PAIN is one of the best works Dappled Things has put to print, and it is surely just the start of her gritty, unflinching portraits of the grotesque underbelly of our world. It is the extremity, the roughness, the unflinching quality of her fiction's gaze that makes it so good."


editor, dappled things literary magazine

"In the fall of 2010, I advised a student film production directed by Ms. Womelsduff. I have advised well over 60 student films and directors in my time as a professor and would have to say that Emily is in my top five and performed well beyond the caliber of most directors her age. She has a great eye for detail, a keen sense of story and is a skilled actor coach."


professor, LA film studies center

"E.R. Womelsduff is a straight-shooter, honest, direct, and identifies what needs to be done almost immediately. [F]rom the first day, she struck me as a sharp, intelligent, and capable person. I respect her opinion and her writing abilities, which are strong."


LA area portrait photographer

"Emily is one of the most creative, hard working people I have had the joy of working with. She was a huge help in putting together a new series produced by Jeff Foxworthy by bringing in fresh ideas, great feedback, and a professionalism that stems from her extensive experience. On top of her impressive work ethic, Emily also demonstrated positive and can-do attitudes every day, no matter the circumstance."


owner / producer, lupin productions

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One of the many things I wish I'd said, but Pablo beat me to it.

As a writer, I absorb information like a leech, sucking out the interesting bits of data to file away for later use. After splashing around in my brain, these shiny morsels of information eventually find their way into my screenplays and television pilots, usually as sci-fis or fantasies.

More importantly, they find their way into the commercial scripts and advertising concepts I create for businesses. Very little makes me happier than great marketing (I'm looking at you, Dollar Shave Club), and I craft material that meets the needs of my clients while satisfying their audience's desire to be entertained. 



I have a B.A. in English and a B.F.A. in Cinematic Arts: Production from Azusa Pacific University. I studied mythology and contemporary narrative fiction at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University, and I had the pleasure of studying screenwriting under the late Jack Gilbert, who ran the Warner Bros. Writers' Workshop for ten years. 

Jay, a 20-minute film I wrote and directed, won Best of Festival at the Broadcast Education Association's film festival. My short documentary Steam Vision won an Award of Excellence in Editing at BEA. Ghost Pain, a short story, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and Sacrifices to the Flower Gods, a feature, was a semi-finalist in the Act One screenwriting competition. Canadian Fury, a feature co-written with Michael Smith of Pepperdine University, won Best of Competition in the Faculty Screenwriting category at BEA 2016. Malyshka, a television pilot co-written with Michael Smith, won Best Feature at UFVA 2017.

I currently live in Seattle, WA and tell stories for clients across America.

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