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 For “Privy League,” a sitcom pilot

For “Privy League,” a sitcom pilot


E.R. Womelsduff

is a high school English teacher from Seattle, a YA novelist, and an Austin Film Festival semi-finalist. She just completed the screenplay for Sacrifices to the Flower Gods, a coming-of-age dramedy set in the early ‘00s. It’s got sassy dialogue, complicated female friendships, flip phone nostalgia, and beautifully awkward kissing. Check it out below.



Sacrifices to the Flower Gods


Feature Screenplay


Three girls vow to make out with high school boys before the end of 8th grade, but their plan goes humorously and dangerously awry.

Coming-of-Age Dramedy


Eighth Grade


Little Miss Sunshine

“If we don’t, we’re gonna look like prudes. Like un-horny, un-attractive prudes. Like wrinkly nuns. Like hermaphrawhatevers.”

”You need to sit down one day and just read the dictionary.”

”I say we make a pact. We have to make out with someone before the end of the year.”

”Or what?”

”Or I punch you in the boob.”

”Yeah, well, Sam’s the only one who’s got boobs, so I’m safe.”






1-hour pilot


Supernatural drama


Vampire diaries


The Little Mermaid

When an art student finds a naked girl washed up on the beach below his house, his little sister believes the stranger is a mermaid. Unfortunately for them, she's right.

“You know what I hate about hospitals and doctors and medicine? They give people this impression that they know everything, that they know what they’re doing, and they don’t. How many times has she been here? And they still don’t know what’s wrong with her. It’s not epilepsy, it’s not cancer, it’s not a tumor or a clot or a tropical disease. She just gets sick, and she comes here, and she hates it. And I can’t do anything to make it better. I can’t even tell her it’s going to be okay because for all I know, next time will be the last time and she’ll just be gone. I can’t do this anymore.”



After Neverland.jpg

After Neverland


Feature screenplay




Pirates of the caribbean


Finding neverland

When her husband is assassinated and she’s framed as a traitor at the height of WWI, Wendy Darling must recruit a villain from her past to help clear her name, punish the real spies, and prevent a German naval attack against the British that could change the course of history.

“Well now, if it isn’t Red-Handed Jill. You almost became a pirate.”

”I was a child. I almost became a lot of things.”





E.R. Womelsduff is a screenwriter and novelist. She currently lives in Seattle, WA.



Pilots & Features



Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy


Womelsduff also writes screenplays with M.C. Smith at Psychic Moose and YA novels under the name Temple West.


“Emily is a naturally gifted writer who effortlessly combines enormous creativity with an innate sense of story. Her works are compelling, unique, and relevant. She is also one of the most collaborative artists I have ever known. I have seen her take notes from producers on scripts that were probably ready to shoot, and do page one rewrites just to make sure she got it right.

Emily’s skills are not limited to writing, however. She is a gifted filmmaker who sees both the big picture and the fine details with equal clarity. She is a natural director, a fantastic editor, and has a great eye behind the camera as well. To be honest, I have seen her do everything from gripping to production design – and never take a single task for granted. No matter what her role has been, she has poured herself into the storytelling process with an equal amount of hard work and excellence.

In short, Emily Womelsduff is a rare find. She consistently and diligently combines prodigy-level giftedness with integrity, professionalism, and an incredible work ethic. You simply can’t go wrong if you choose to work with her.”

— Lonnie Urven, director


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