E.R. Womelsduff is a screenwriter and novelist. She currently lives in Seattle, WA.


Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal


Pilots, Features, Novels



“Emily is a naturally gifted writer who effortlessly combines enormous creativity with an innate sense of story. Her works are compelling, unique, and relevant. She is also one of the most collaborative artists I have ever known. I have seen her take notes from producers on scripts that were probably ready to shoot, and do page one rewrites just to make sure she got it right.

In short, Emily Womelsduff is a rare find. She consistently and diligently combines prodigy-level giftedness with integrity, professionalism, and an incredible work ethic. You simply can’t go wrong if you choose to work with her.”

— Lonnie Urven, director

Womelsduff also writes screenplays with M.C. Smith at Psychic Moose and YA novels under the name Temple West.